iRobot (does the Vacuuming for you)

Ideal Christmas Present? Mans Gadget?

#‎IRobot‬ this vacuum is Amazing it does it for you! you can programme the little man “mines called bert” to come out around the house and vacuum when ever suits you, he even goes under the BED! if you would like a FREE demo shout me! Bert & I will pop round. Ledbury 01531 636369iRobot


No More Smelly Bins! Waste Disposal Unit

Waste down SinkA couple of months ago we installed a waste disposal unit to our kitchen sink, its not a cheap gadget, but I must admit it has become an essential part of our home. Due to bin collections being fortnightly, I struggle with our household waste, I have pets and waste in the bins is a struggle. Now its simple we dispose of our waste into the sink, every so often we turn the machine on with the cold tap and then the peelings and unused food is broken down and swilled away, my bins now do not smell, if you would like further details do not hesitate to contact us. Phone 01531 636369 Waste Disposal unit