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  Have you seen the new website for Appliance Solutions, even got a new logo. 

Your website is your show window.

It’s where your future home ideas start, when you come to Appliance Solutions we build those ideas into practical dreams.

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My iRobot has had an accident…

So, been to a couple of networking meetings this week and told the story of my beloved “bert” oh how I love bert, he is programmed to run round the house and do all those boring little jobs, like pick up the dog hair, pick up the hair grip, pick up the little bit of wrapping left over, pick up the dust that has built up, even pick up last nights tea crumbs. BUT, my poor old bert has stopped working, temporary… due to my teenage children, who swear blind.. “I don’t know what your talking about” to “you know me mum, I would’nt of left it like that if I knew“….. WELL, “if i knew“… I would of thought the smell, would of been enough.

I will explain, husband and I and our 3 doggies went on holiday, Boxing day until New Year, left the Teenagers to look after themselves, oh yes and Roberto Carlos! 15week old Puppy, my eldest NEW doggie.

They had the run of our bungalow, no need to do the washing up, because we have a dishwasher, don’t worry about wet clothes, pop in the tumble dryer, don’t worry about vacuuming the house, we have the iRobot to do that, scheduled to come on at 8am, he runs around all the open doors pick up the mess and when done the iRobot goes back to its docking station, re-charges ready for tomorrow morning, 8am he will be back out.


We decided we had had a lovely relaxing holiday and it was time to return, phoned ahead to let the children know, the daughter had already left, to go back to university, she was gone.. phoned the eldest to see how Roberto Carlos was and we were coming home, to a reply, “I’m not at the house me and Roberto Carlos are at our mates“. Oh i thought, that’s nice welcome. We arrived home to a smell………….. Hubby went first…… and yes! poor bert was exhausted, slumped in the middle of the kitchen floor…. covered in poo!!!!!!!! the kitchen floor had swirls………. all over our new lament flooring, under the sofa, under the arm chairs, under the kitchen table. Just everywhere… my husband…………… well he replied,” Fi i don’t know what’s worse… a bloody house party, or swirled in sh*t on the floor”.  (hubby got a toothbrush out and cleaned every part of the iRobot. ME… i just sobbed)

My Tip, don’t let a new puppy near your iRobot!









Hints and Tips From Fiona

Getting ready to Spring Clean?


Use a cardboard tube to suck up dirt in super narrow spots

Use an empty tube (kitchen or toilet roll) attach to the end of the vacuum cleaner nozzle to reach those narrow gaps.


While you have the vacuum out don’t forget to vacuum the back of the Fridge Freezer! This will increase its energy efficiency.


Velcro your clutter away, here’s a brilliant idea –

Velcro the bottom of each controller, ie DVD Remote, TV Remote, Sky Tv Remote, Xbox Controller – then place the other side of the Velcro onto the matching appliance or even the coffee table, when tidying up you can put the right controller on the appliance or tidy in one place.