New ideas… Future is looking Whirlpool

Busy week in the life of Fiona! As the owner of Appliance Solutions, I am always learning, technology it is always advancing and brings a never ending excitement to my portfolio of understanding what is suitable for my extensive age range of customers.

I headed to Peterborough via the Train in Ledbury, leaving at 5:45am and 3 trains later I arrived at 9:18am in Peterborough.

When I arrived at Whirlpool Uk, I was given the opportunity to See and touch live Indesit and Hotpoint Appliances. 

Indesit Appliances are the budget end of the market and my entry level, Fantastic machine for my older customers, because the technology isn’t too advance, my elderly customers do not understand too many buttons, Indesit “Push and Wash” makes life easy. 

Hotpoint, middle of the road, it has a fantastic repeat customer base because of the name it has , it’s been here for years. (Well over 100 years) 

Lunch was served… Quick 30 mins then the time came to explain how Whirlpool UK would market the 6th Sense Whirlpool appliances…. All I can say is it amazing idea, fantastic for independents. Something unique to the Market! It’s exactly what we need, whether your a big shed or Fiona from ledbury we are singing from the same song sheet. 

The icing on the Mary Berry cake for me was the unique Induction Oven!!! This could cut down your cooking time by 50%. I could have this on display in my shop for FREE.  Just amazing bring it on, I say, well done to Whirlpool, The no.1 global white good Supplier getting ready to launch an unique selling market.

Later in the evening I was invited to Clarkes Restaurant in the Town of Peterborough, beautiful 7 course taster menu, with complimentary wines. This is where you can meet and greet the team of Whirlpool and if you have any concerns this is where you can express your feelings. 

All I expressed was my gratitude to all, for all the hard work the staff had done.

What’s next…. Well, watch this space!