Facelifting the KITCHEN

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Replacing a Kitchen is a hard and expensive process, we have noticed that people are looking to facelift their Kitchen rather than go to the expense of renewing the whole lot.

Some Customers are looking to sell there property or may have a little saved up to modernise an existing Kitchen.

Lets be honest, Kitchen carcasses have improved rapidly over the years, what I have found is the Kitchen Door have changed to a soft close and the carcasses stayed the same. So why not just change the doors?

Worktops today, have a rainbow of colours and styles, a kitchen could look so modern with just a New Work Top.

At Appliance Solutions we are going to help our customers with ideas, we can supply local trades men with Worktops and Kitchen Doors, if need be we can supply a whole new kitchen.


A good old lick of paint, change the doors and upgrade the worktop and there you have it.

A Facelift without the hassle.

At Appliance Solutions, Bye Street, Ledbury, we have a vast range of Kitchen doors, Kitchens on Display, Plus numerous of ideas on Worktops.

Why not pop and in and have a chat with the girls.


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