WiRE & Appliance Solutions Tips

img_3723-1Thank you for listening to me at WiRE today, here are those tips again.

  1. Washing Machine, Smelly Drum? Hot Wash 90* once a month,  use liquid on low temperatures. (soda crystals are good cleaning agent)
  2. Dishwashers, Salt a must to clean your pipes. Rinse Aid to help the drying. 3in1 tablets just don’t have enough power to clean your dishwasher. Half a Lemon on the top rack, put on a Hot Wash.. keep your dishwasher smelling nice and cut through grease.
  3. Tumble Dryers, vented with hose, Condenser has the box, keep it all clean, of course the cheapest way to dry your clothes is on the washing line.

If you need to register your tumble dryer with Hotpoint, Indesit, please CLICK HERE



or more help or a Live Chat, go to our website: http://www.appliancesolutionsledbury.co.uk





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