Advertising gives me the Good Feel Factor.

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As a business owner, advertising is a key player to letting you existing and potential customers know you are still in business.

I was told once if you stop advertising customers will think your no longer trading. (typical paper advertiser)

But with the decline of paper circulation, its trying to find best ways to advertise that works, another quote I was told, only 50% of an advertising works, But,which 50%.If we knew the answer we would be millionaires.

So here’s my tips for Business Advertising.

My biggest success for me personally is Radio. Lately I have gone over to a new station for Hereford and Worcester, Local Radio Station Like Radio. There is nothing better than hearing your dulcet tones on the local radio station. How the Radio works it drips feeds your advert over and over again, so when clients do need that appliance they know where to come, It helps listening two great DJ’s for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Ian Davies and Big Dog Mark Baker. The Cost will surprise you, its cheaper than The Local Newspaper.


Glossy Magazines are always an success, fantastic for higher end product you wished to sell,  if you use high colour quality photos, go to your manufacturer for their high profile photos, or if its something you make yourself, invest in a good camera (LSR), with a good back drop this will highlight your product.

Local Paper is always hit and miss, specially if you have to buy the paper as I feel a lot of local people do not buy the paper and they are your target market. (in Ledbury)

Multimedia, is a big hit with locals. You can do fabulous marketing from your own Business Page,  Facebook is the easiest to master, once you have got used to the page you can schedule posts at different times of the week, don’t just do posts about your business or trade, throw in some funny photos. More people share your posts the more people see you. Competitions are again a hit and miss, you have to get the person to like your page! so they become a follower. a lot of people end up liking the photo! You need the “Likes” to your business page to establish a Mailing list.

twitter and facebook

Twitter is a different type of follower, usually businesses end up following you. great tip is to use the “hours” #WorcesterHour or #HerefordHour these are all set and an hour within the week, the person leading the Hour will re-tweet your post hoping to get a better audience for you.

Videos. A brilliant and clear message can be 30 second or less in a video, these can be attached to Facebook or twitter and also added to your website.


Your Website is your SHOP WINDOW. People will check to see when your open, find your telephone number. Good tip, Add a Live Chat to your website, Always looks professional. Doesn’t mean you have to be on line to answer, as you will receive an email if your not logged in to reply to the customer. Its another way to catch the customer.


If you would like to know more you can always email me. Fiona








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