Advertising gives me the Good Feel Factor.

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As a business owner, advertising is a key player to letting you existing and potential customers know you are still in business.

I was told once if you stop advertising customers will think your no longer trading. (typical paper advertiser)

But with the decline of paper circulation, its trying to find best ways to advertise that works, another quote I was told, only 50% of an advertising works, But,which 50%.If we knew the answer we would be millionaires.

So here’s my tips for Business Advertising.

My biggest success for me personally is Radio. Lately I have gone over to a new station for Hereford and Worcester, Local Radio Station Like Radio. There is nothing better than hearing your dulcet tones on the local radio station. How the Radio works it drips feeds your advert over and over again, so when clients do need that appliance they know where to come, It helps listening two great DJ’s for Herefordshire and Worcestershire, Ian Davies and Big Dog Mark Baker. The Cost will surprise you, its cheaper than The Local Newspaper.


Glossy Magazines are always an success, fantastic for higher end product you wished to sell,  if you use high colour quality photos, go to your manufacturer for their high profile photos, or if its something you make yourself, invest in a good camera (LSR), with a good back drop this will highlight your product.

Local Paper is always hit and miss, specially if you have to buy the paper as I feel a lot of local people do not buy the paper and they are your target market. (in Ledbury)

Multimedia, is a big hit with locals. You can do fabulous marketing from your own Business Page,  Facebook is the easiest to master, once you have got used to the page you can schedule posts at different times of the week, don’t just do posts about your business or trade, throw in some funny photos. More people share your posts the more people see you. Competitions are again a hit and miss, you have to get the person to like your page! so they become a follower. a lot of people end up liking the photo! You need the “Likes” to your business page to establish a Mailing list.

twitter and facebook

Twitter is a different type of follower, usually businesses end up following you. great tip is to use the “hours” #WorcesterHour or #HerefordHour these are all set and an hour within the week, the person leading the Hour will re-tweet your post hoping to get a better audience for you.

Videos. A brilliant and clear message can be 30 second or less in a video, these can be attached to Facebook or twitter and also added to your website.


Your Website is your SHOP WINDOW. People will check to see when your open, find your telephone number. Good tip, Add a Live Chat to your website, Always looks professional. Doesn’t mean you have to be on line to answer, as you will receive an email if your not logged in to reply to the customer. Its another way to catch the customer.


If you would like to know more you can always email me. Fiona








Washing Machine “Over dosing”

Is your machine suffering from an overdose?

How much is too much?

SAVE £££ with a “Dosing Aid”whirlpool1

All Whirlpool Washing Machines supplied by Appliance Solutions have this great option.

Its so simple to use, You Select the Programme you require, say “Cotton”

Pop your dirty colours into the drum.

Press Start, Then the drum will rotate to work out the weight of the load, depending on the Programme you have selected and the weight, the machine will tell you how much detergent in ml, to put in.


The Washing Machine control panel will Flash with the correct dosage in mls, then from your liquid bottle read the cap for the correct dosage, i think you will be surprised how much you actually need! SAVING £££’s.

Press the link below for a Video of the Whirlpool Machine

Whirlpool Washing Machine with Dosing Aid

You will need liquid detergent, but lets me honest it works better at low temperatures.

Washing Machines start from £329 with a two year guarantee. 7kg 1200 Spin, Come into store for a demonstration.

whirlpool3We  have already sold these appliances since becoming a Whirlpool Agent.

Available from Appliance Solutions of Ledbury

Delivery available nationwide.

Contact us for Information. Ledbury 01531 636369





Hoover Washing Machine ONE TOUCH


I’m thinking what can I tell you that’s New for Appliance Solutions.. and then the penny dropped.. WIFI washing machine! you simply download the app Hoover Wizard then you can operate your washing machine from your mobile or tablet device. Ok, so it will not load your machine.. it won’t put in the soap powder or comfort. But you can select better programmes from your device. One Touch is a sort of introduction into Device Applications for appliances, Other models with Full Wi-Fi function means you could be out for the evening or away on a holiday, The kids load the washing machine panic because they don’t know what programme to use and you could start the washing machine to go from your destination, could also help with the elderly, confused on how many buttons, you could tell your love one, just to pop it into the machine with soap and comfort and then you could programme the washing machine from your home. We have the introduction Model from Hoover in store priced at £299.99 this is a 7kg 1400 spin washing machine, the Price Includes Delivery, Installation and removal of your old, within a HR8 Postcode.DXOC47C3Click Here For more Information

If you would like to see this Model working via the App, then please do not hesitate to call in for a Demonstration.

For more information on Hoover Products Click Here

Appliance Solutions, Bye Street, Ledbury, HR8 2EU

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WiRE & Appliance Solutions Tips

img_3723-1Thank you for listening to me at WiRE today, here are those tips again.

  1. Washing Machine, Smelly Drum? Hot Wash 90* once a month,  use liquid on low temperatures. (soda crystals are good cleaning agent)
  2. Dishwashers, Salt a must to clean your pipes. Rinse Aid to help the drying. 3in1 tablets just don’t have enough power to clean your dishwasher. Half a Lemon on the top rack, put on a Hot Wash.. keep your dishwasher smelling nice and cut through grease.
  3. Tumble Dryers, vented with hose, Condenser has the box, keep it all clean, of course the cheapest way to dry your clothes is on the washing line.

If you need to register your tumble dryer with Hotpoint, Indesit, please CLICK HERE



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Facelifting the KITCHEN

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Replacing a Kitchen is a hard and expensive process, we have noticed that people are looking to facelift their Kitchen rather than go to the expense of renewing the whole lot.

Some Customers are looking to sell there property or may have a little saved up to modernise an existing Kitchen.

Lets be honest, Kitchen carcasses have improved rapidly over the years, what I have found is the Kitchen Door have changed to a soft close and the carcasses stayed the same. So why not just change the doors?

Worktops today, have a rainbow of colours and styles, a kitchen could look so modern with just a New Work Top.

At Appliance Solutions we are going to help our customers with ideas, we can supply local trades men with Worktops and Kitchen Doors, if need be we can supply a whole new kitchen.


A good old lick of paint, change the doors and upgrade the worktop and there you have it.

A Facelift without the hassle.

At Appliance Solutions, Bye Street, Ledbury, we have a vast range of Kitchen doors, Kitchens on Display, Plus numerous of ideas on Worktops.

Why not pop and in and have a chat with the girls.


New ideas… Future is looking Whirlpool

Busy week in the life of Fiona! As the owner of Appliance Solutions, I am always learning, technology it is always advancing and brings a never ending excitement to my portfolio of understanding what is suitable for my extensive age range of customers.

I headed to Peterborough via the Train in Ledbury, leaving at 5:45am and 3 trains later I arrived at 9:18am in Peterborough.

When I arrived at Whirlpool Uk, I was given the opportunity to See and touch live Indesit and Hotpoint Appliances. 

Indesit Appliances are the budget end of the market and my entry level, Fantastic machine for my older customers, because the technology isn’t too advance, my elderly customers do not understand too many buttons, Indesit “Push and Wash” makes life easy. 

Hotpoint, middle of the road, it has a fantastic repeat customer base because of the name it has , it’s been here for years. (Well over 100 years) 

Lunch was served… Quick 30 mins then the time came to explain how Whirlpool UK would market the 6th Sense Whirlpool appliances…. All I can say is it amazing idea, fantastic for independents. Something unique to the Market! It’s exactly what we need, whether your a big shed or Fiona from ledbury we are singing from the same song sheet. 

The icing on the Mary Berry cake for me was the unique Induction Oven!!! This could cut down your cooking time by 50%. I could have this on display in my shop for FREE.  Just amazing bring it on, I say, well done to Whirlpool, The no.1 global white good Supplier getting ready to launch an unique selling market.

Later in the evening I was invited to Clarkes Restaurant in the Town of Peterborough, beautiful 7 course taster menu, with complimentary wines. This is where you can meet and greet the team of Whirlpool and if you have any concerns this is where you can express your feelings. 

All I expressed was my gratitude to all, for all the hard work the staff had done.

What’s next…. Well, watch this space!