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Bagged versus Bagless? 


At Appliance Solutions in Ledbury, we had a customer call in with her Bagless cyclinder vacuum unable to disconnect the cyclinder, so Jo and I pulled and tugged very hard until it came a part, in horror we were in a cloud of grey doggy dust! I do not like them… A Bagless vacuum cleaner to me is like marmite! You either love them or hate them. A lot of customers say they like them as they can empty them and reuse the canister. But, my question is how many actually remove the filters and wash them, then leave them to dry for 48hours? I’m too busy, a bagged vacuum is cleaner surely, when the bag is full you throw all the dust into the bin, I find the vacuum cleaner stays clean.  So my question to you on this bright and beautiful sunny afternoon, thinking Spring has sprung! What vacuum cleaner do you like? 

Bagged  or  Bagless

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Marching on….


March 2016, Three months into the Year.

Spring will soon be upon us, SPRING CLEANING?

Here’s some Hints and Tips to get you in the mood.

I like this one, When you start to clean the Kitchen always start on the RIGHT hand side of the Cooker then move around Clockwise around the room, you come back to the Cooker and not spread the dirt and grease round the house.

how to clean kitchen

Laundry, I love CLEAN sheets.. who doesn’t. But I must admit I struggle to find the matching pillow cases to the duvet set, Thought this was a good tip, Once you’ve ironed or folded your clean sheets and duvet pop them inside one of the Pillow Cases, this will keep them together and your Laundry cupboard tidy too.

linen cupboard

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Hints and Tips From Fiona

Who cleans the dishwasher? 

Who cleans the dishwasher? 

Top tip!

I find to get the the best performance out of my dishwasher, salt and rinse aid! The tablet just isn’t enough. The light on dishwasher will tell you when to top up.

Salt is cheap to buy, you can buy a branded or supermarket own,

This product doesn’t just clean plates but also cleans the drains. It’s a good cheap cleaner. The second must product is Rinse Aid! This helps with drying and making those glasses shine.

Today dishwashers are more energy efficient and because of this the heating element isn’t as powerful as an old style dishwasher, some customers will comment that the plastic items are still wet. So make sure you use a rinse aid, to aid the drying cycle.

You don’t need expensive tablets for the dishwasher if you use seperate salt and rinse aid. I use daisy! From tesco.

No need for expensive cleaning products for the dishwasher, just cut a lemon up, pop  on the top rack and put on the hottest wash with nothing inside.

Your machine will come out shining and smelling lovely.

Don’t forget when you filling the salt container to wash your filter out too.

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